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As an Alliance player, I can't actually submit my will to the Horde. But there are some very nice and helpful Horde players and some of their quests are actually kinda cool.
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Guide to Horde Players: Info, Tips, Articles & Advice

With the new World of Warcraft expansion of Cataclysm due out in December 2010, WoW players rejoice with the changes that areA Guide to Horde Players coming to the world of Azeroth. Horde players, those that hail from the continent of Kalimdor can look forward to a new race to aid them in their fight against the force of evil and that of their failing alliance with the Alliance.

In this guide to Horde players, the editors, writers, and contributors of Bright Hub bring you the background information, articles, reviews, tips, and advice on how to play one of the Horde races within WoW, as well as how to combat yourself against a plotting Alliance player.