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Rainy days in Oregon provide ample movie viewing time. I am the Examiner for comedy movies in my area which blends my two favorite hobbies - writing and watching movies. I enjoy creating my own films as well, along with an interest in home theater set up and use.
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Make a Movie and Bring on the Popcorn!

Filmo 75 cameraHome-movies were created on the old 16mm camera systems many years ago. In recent years, family moments are captured on everything from cell phones to digital cameras. Making the movie remains the easy part - how they are edited is still the most difficult aspect of movie making. Bright Hub authors examine every facet of movie making. From shooting the movie using the highest quality equipment available to determining which editing and production software is the best buy for your movie-making venture. With advice of the experts at Bright Hub, you may just be the next Stephen Spielberg!


Kratz, John, "Filmo 75 Camera", under CC BY-SA 2.0

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