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The Complete Guide to Hitman

Hitman ScreenshotStealth games are rare these days! A few good ones like Thief and Splinter Cell have entertained us for many years. Hitman is also one of the best stealth games that boast stealth elements interweaved with Hollywood movie-styled action and adventure. The game is set in a crime-filled world, where your sole aim is to assist our bald-headed assassin to eliminate targets using a wide range of advanced weaponry. The heavily-guarded targets aren’t easy to kill and require patience, timing and of course stealth to achieve a hit.

Currently, there are 4 games released by Eidos, including hits like Silent Assassin and Blood Money. Hitman 5 is slated for release in 2011 and assures some very unique style of gameplay ever seen in any previous game. This guide gives you the best reviews, news and walkthroughs on Blood Money and Silent Assassin. You will find in-depth walkthroughs and strategy guides on every level in Blood Money and learn more about Hitman: Code Name 47 and Silent Assassin cheats and unlockables.

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