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As we grow older, "roughage" as it used to be referred to, becomes more important in our daily regimen and a high fiber diet can help to clear the digestive system, may decrease the risk of colon cancer, lower cholesterol and improve glucose levels. I am all about being your guide to better health.
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High Fiber Diet Resource and Guide

428px-FoodsWhether you want to control your appetite and weight, improve your digestion and bowel regularity, reduce triglyceride levels and even lessen the chance of cancer, allergies and asthma, a high fiber diet may be the ticket. Join us here to learn more about the prebiotic benefits of fiber, what cautions are needed for irritable bowel syndrome, and just generally how to pump up your diet fiber content. This guide with rotating articles and sources invites you to enter and discover more about these diet helpers, and we hope this information and data will be your first stop for your diet news.