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Heather Marie Kosur is a linguist and grammarian who focuses her studies on the English verb system. Her favorite form of helping verb in the English language is the modal verb.
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Guide to the Helping Verb: Articles, Lesson Plans, Activities, and More

English Helping Verb: Heather Marie KosurAre you a language student searching for information about helping verbs? A helping verb is a verb that helps the main verb in a verb phrase by extending the meaning of the main verb. Other terms for helping verbs include auxiliary verbs, auxiliaries, verbal auxiliaries, and helpers. In Germanic languages such as English, modal verbs are also helping verbs. Helping verbs often help express the grammatical tense, aspect, voice, or mood of a verb. This guide provides answers to even the most complex questions about the helping verb through articles, lesson plans, activities, and more. Learn to use helping verbs in a variety of languages including English, Spanish, Latin, and German.