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I'm interested in and have written quite a few Bright Hub articles about heat exchangers and heat exchanger design. I'm interested, at least partially, because heat exchanger design uses principles of heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, which I taught for many years.
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Heat Exchanger Design, Types, and Applications

shell and tube heat exchangerHeat exchangers are widely used in industry to heat or cool a liquid, to condense a vapor, or to evaporate a liquid. They are also used in homes (e.g. refrigerators, air conditioners and furnaces), in cars (radiators), and in electronic equipment to prevent overheating.

Find Bright Hub articles about heat exchangers and heat exchanger design, including Excel spreadsheets that can be downloaded to carry out various parts of the design calculations. There are articles about different types of heat exchangers, including the widely used shell and tube heat exchanger illustrated in the image above. Use this handy guide to find the information you're seeking about types of heat exchangers, heat exchanger design, or their applications.

Image Credit: Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger - Grand Kartech heat exchangers

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