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In my nine years of work experience as a Senior Auditor in a Philippine-based universal bank, I've had the opportunity to acquire adequate training about insurance policy mechanics and procedures. This has given me the confidence to participate in Bright Hub's knowledge-sharing endeavors.
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Guide to Health Insurance Coverage: Understanding Policies, Options, Premiums and Deductibles

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Setting aside a small portion of your household budget in order to meet emergency medical expenses could be next to impossible. One way to beat this is to force–save by getting a health insurance coverage policy. However, it is also important to have a good guide to health insurance coverage as your tool in understanding about policies, options, premiums and deductibles.

You should also know that affordable insurance policies with adequate insurance coverage do exist. Learn about them through the knowledge shared by our expert writers. Making informed decisions is the key to make your health insurance coverage policies work to your advantage.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons: California OPA Health Care Quality Report Card - HMOs - 2009-PD-CAGov

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