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Guide to Harvest Moon

Harvest MoonHarvest Moon is a life simulation and virtual farming RPG where players inherit a farm in a small town. To adapt to the new life that comes with the property a player must learn how to become a successful farmer while making the unfamiliar land their home. Meet and socialize with the local townsfolk. Go fishing or mining and eventually raise a family through the harsh seasons.

Harvest Moon has managed to grow in popularity since its original 1996 release on SNES. There have been over 16 Harvest Moon titles across several gaming platforms including a spin-off series called Rune Factory. Whether it’s on Nintendo DS or the Wii console players seem to enjoy the challenge of running a farm, raising livestock, and getting married.

In this guide you’ll find articles on the latest Harvest Moon games and cheats. Learn tips on selecting the best crops to harvest each season, caring for livestock, choosing a wife, and helpful wonderful life hints. Browse through our walkthroughs for the Tree of Tranquility, Mineral Town, or Sunshine Islands written by our expert writer community at Bright Hub.