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Handheld-GPS units are fun and valuable navigational devices to have for the full gamut of outdoor activities from backpacking to geocaching. Finding the best devices for a given activity is a pursuit that is worth shaing.
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Guide to Handheld GPS Units: Reviews, Advice, and Updating Maps

GPS UnitsHandheld GPS devices come in all shapes and sizes and all makes and models. Prices, features, and performance for these portable GPS units, typically designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, run the gamut too. That’s where this definitive guide comes in handy to make sense out of all that variety with each brand touting its superiority over the other brands. Our experts and enthusiasts lay out the criteria for what makes for a superlative handheld GPS and provide hundreds of handheld GPS reviews and recommendations and comparisons. Furthermore, you’ll find tips and advice on updating maps and which GPS unit is best for popular activities like geocaching, hiking, hunting, backpacking and more. After a little bit of exploring this unbiased and informative guide you’ll be well versed in all you need to know about these amazing electronic navigational aids.

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