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Parallel Bars FDP Credit ldea goGymnastics is a precision sport involving beauty, technical training and strength. As a gymnast trains, she works to build physical strength and body flexibility. As she learns new routines, she is almost dancing on the floor, balance beam and uneven parallel bars.

Think of the stunts a small child participates in--front rolls, cartwheels, headstands and back rolls. These movements, carried out in the spirit of play, are the basics of gymnastics. As a young gymnastic student learns about the basics of this sport, she learns how to coordinate her body, develop balance, grace and physical endurance. As she advances in her training, she learns, not only cartwheels, but handsprings, aerial movements, split leaps and handstands, all of which she performs on the different gymnastic apparatus.

Today’s gymnasts compete in local, regional, national and international meets or competitions. The biggest competition is, of course, the Olympics. Learn more about the sport of gymnastics by reading our Bright Hub Guides.

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