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Though I'm more of a Rock Band fan, that game wouldn't exist without Guitar Hero to kick off this genre of music video games. As a musician, I really think both games helped encourage people, who thought they had no musical talent, unleash their inner rock god.
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Gaming Guide to the Guitar Hero Series

The Guitar Hero series of games unleashed the beginnings of video games developed for the inner musician within all of us. Playing guitar on such classic songsGuide to Guitar Hero Series from Metallica, Led Zeplin, and Guns & Roses, players could challenge friends and other players with their rock star status. Opening the door for fellow game Rock Band to follow, Guitar Hero did more than just show that music games can work.

In this guide, we'll take a look at all of the games within the Guitar Hero series, as well as song lists, artists, cheats, tricks, and tips on how to play. We also look at which game is best, and of course how to beat that dreaded orange note.