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Although it is not possible to leave no footprint on the environment, everyone should be cognizant of the size of his footprint. To that end, I enjoy gaining greater insight (and sharing the same) into green living.
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Guide to Green Energy and Waste Management

ReneWind Turbinewable, sustainable sources of energy—green energy—have been used by even ancient civilizations. Green energy sources introduce little to no environmental pollution. What one may find confusing is there are those who include nuclear fuel as green energy, since no “greenhouse gases” are produced. Some fuels are considered green because they produce some pollutants, but less that traditional sources do—“biofuel” or “biogas.” Green living includes more than simply utilizing green energy sources, however. Improved waste management is also essential to preserve quality drinking water and protect farmland. Your Bright Hub contributors offer informative articles on all such topics.

Wind Turbine: US Department of the Interior - Office of Indian Energy and Economic Developoment

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