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As a Gran Turismo fan myself and avid PS3 gamer this guide will help anyone interested in learning more about the series. Pick up new tips for ruling the race tracks.
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Complete Guide to Gran Turismo

Image Credit: 2011 Sony Computer Entertainment IncGran Turismo is a critically acclaimed racing simulation video game franchise. Originally created by Kazunori Yamauchi in the late 90s it has maintained the reputation as one of the best race car games to play for more than a decade. Since its debut in 1997 over 63 million copies have been sold worldwide.

Developed through Sony Entertainment Inc.’s company Polyphony Digital the Turismo series has advanced along with the Playstation console improving with each new platform in depth and quality. There are six different versions. The incredible attention to detail, realistic driving elements, massive automobile selection, and awe-inspiring high definition graphics make casual to hardcore PC racing gamers become addicted. The popularity and authenticity of the series has crossed over into the automobile world becoming an opportunity for auto manufacturers to display their upcoming car models to wider audience in a unique way. The extensive vehicle list with varied racing modes, complicated tracks, challenging license tests, multiplayer options, and easy to navigate online community features of Gran Turismo sets the bar high for other racing genre games.

Life in the fast lane can be challenging whether you’re new to the GT franchise or a veteran player. This guide is packed with in-depth articles that will teach you everything from the basics of driving to secrets to obtaining various licenses. Master the tracks in Playstation 3’s Gran Turismo series and become a NASCAR legend.