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GPS units offer the benefit of a captivating link between satellites in outer space, receivers, and the people that use them. Whereas our ancient ancestors looked to the skies to navigate unexplored places, we now use the electronic stars that we put up there to get to any place on earth. Amazing!
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GPS UnitsGPS units are extremely varied in terms of purpose, capabilities, functions, and features as the modes of transportation that they are used for as navigational aides. Whether you want to use a GPS navigational unit on any type of motorized vehicle, a boat/water craft, an airplane, or while trekking on foot; you have a copious amount of options to choose from.

This guide will help you sort through it all and come out the other side as an informed consumer. We have plenty of articles detailing what to expect from a unit designed for each of those general categories. On top of that we have informative pieces about GPS terminology, how these devices work, and tutorials about how to use specific models.

And speaking of that, we have reviews of many of the best and most popular models from Garmin, Magellan, TomTom, Eagle, and many more, written by experts and enthusiasts. Since maps are an integral component of these units, we’ve got plenty of information about road maps, topographical maps, and aerial imagery. Learn how and where to get mapping software or download it online, plus obtaining the all-important updates you will need. Along with all that, fishfinders, charplotters, and personal locator beacons are also highlighted in our immense database of intriguing and useful commentary and critiques of the most popular.

Know where you are and where you’re going with the best and most affordable devices available; Bright Hub will help you get there!

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