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Google Docs was one of the early offerings in the Internet applications area, one that made Microsoft pay attention to cloud computing in a way that earlier offerings by smaller companies did not. Their initial attempt at a free office suite was somewhat spotty, and many of the features Microsoft Office users took for granted were not there. They listened to user feedback from the start, and improvements came out steadily.Google docs logo Google did, and continues, to offer ads along with the service to make it financially viable. Bright Hub keeps you updated on what Google Docs can do, and innovative ways to use it.

Despite not providing all the features in other office suites, there were features in Google Docs which were not possible in an office suite on a single computer. The interactivity possible 'in the cloud' made interactions with other people who shared documents possible in real time. Despite not having the extensive features of installed office suites, Google Docs provided a feature they did not.

Google Docs also incorporated compatibility with major office suites, allowing documents to be created in its own file format and ported into applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel and Open Office, and back again, and stored in either place.

Now, Google Docs, available on its own and as part of Google Apps, is one of the foremost 'software as a service' products available. Bright Hub articles give you Google Docs tips, and helps you if you need troubleshooting.

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