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In addition to my Complete Works of Shakespeare--marked up with notes and highlights, I own the Complete Works of Shakespeare on my Kindle, have written several study guides, and taught Shakespeare's plays in high school for over a decade. Naturally, I'm interested in The Globe Theater.
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Guide to Globe Theater

Before delving in to all Bright Hub has to offer on Shakespeare and his theater, I'd like to share some interesting facts on The Globe Theater:

  • Above the main entrance of The Globe is inscribed "Totus mundus agit histrionem," Latin for "The whole world is a playhouse," a concept made famous in As You Like It.
  • Entry to the theater cost 1 penny for those who didn't mind sitting on the ground. For 2 pennies play-goers could sit in one of the theater's galleries.
  • Shakespeare's first play performed at The Globe was Julius Caesar.
  • The theater burnt down on June 29, 1613 during a performance of Henry VIII. A fired cannon was the cause.
  • The Puritans shut down all playhouses in London, including The Globe, in 1642. The theater was dismantled in 1644.
  • A replica of the old theater exists today in its original location.

    Globe Theater Replica