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Global Warming Causes and Effects - Find the Information You're Seeking

Global Warming is the type of climate change that the earth appears to be embarking on at this point in history. This is a rather controversial topic,Global Warming Image but the evidence is mounting that increased greenhouse gas emissions, at least partly due to the burning of fossil fuels, is causing an increase in the earth's average temperature.

With so much information out there, how can you sort through the many sources of global warming facts and opinions? Use this guide to find the information you're seeking about global warming. Find articles about greenhouse gases and global warming causes, as well as about the many and varied effects of inreasing world temperature.

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Latest Articles on Global Warming
Ice Cores & Past Climate Changes: Tell of Future Global Warming & Global Cooling Patterns

Based on studies made about ice cores and past climate changes, global warming and global cooling follow a global climate change pattern. Evidence contained in ice cores denotes that...

Global Warming Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Global warming affects us all from rising sea levels to predictions by scientists that windier wetter weather patterns will ensue. So, how well do you understand global warming?...

Which Animals Might Disappear Next?

We've already lost several species to extinction in the modern era. Some of the most recent include the Chinese Dolphin Fish and the White Possum. These creatures didn't get...

Sorting Through the Myths, Rumors, Facts, and Rhetoric Associated with Global Warming

Phew - if you feel confused about what's really going on with our environment, you're definitely not alone. There's a lot of information out there, and not all of it's...

Most Popular Articles on Global Warming
    How does Global Warming affect Plants?

    How does global warming affect plants? Well, the answer is simple. The effect of global warming on plants is caused by rising land and water temperatures. As a result, surface and underwater plant...

    The Melting of Polar Ice Caps is Harming the Polar Bears Survival

    Global warming is responsible for numerous changes all over the planet. The melting of polar ice caps caused by global warming is causing the Arctic animals to alter their habits and behaviors. The polar...

    A Guide to the Endangered Animal Species

    All life on Earth is interconnected to form a balanced, healthy ecosystem, and all species are dependent on each other in some way or another. Biodiversity is essential to a healthy planet, yet many species...

    How Do Nature and Nurture Influence Human Development?

    Have you been more influenced by nature (genes) or nurture (environmental factors) in your development? Both components play a vital part in all of our lives....

    Afforestation: Meaning, Importance and Current Efforts

    Afforestation is the effort to plant trees in barren lands so as to create a forest. It is important because it helps check the over-use of natural resources by providing an alternative source pool. Learn...

More About Global Warming
Effect of Global Warming on Wind Power

Global warming is increasing every year. As the Earth gets hotter, disasters like hurricanes, droughts and floods happen more frequently. The effects that cause global warming are also...

Effects of Global Warming on Animal Behavior

The real cause of global warming is the thoughtless attitude of humans towards the environment. Global warming is causing irreversible changes in the ecosystem and animal behavior....

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