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Who didn't love the Ghostbusters as a kid? I certainly did and was eager to play the game, which I heard was a lot of fun. Not sure how the third movie will be, so let's just cross fingers and hope that what I remember is still there.
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Ghostbusters: Movie & Game Trivia

Who ya gonna call? Kids and adults of the 80s remember that iconic call and song that signified the Ghostbusters were on their way. Research Guide to GhostbustersDebuting in 1984, the film launched a sequel, as well as a popular song and cartoon show, not to mention solidified the careers of Dan Ackroyd, Bill Murray, Rick Moranis, and Harold Ramis.

Fans of the original movie were of course happy to hear that not only would a video game be coming out, but that a third Ghostbusters movie was in the works, bringing back the same iconic plot, characters, actors, and spirit; here, we'll look at the phenom that was the Ghostbusters, as well as how the game favored with fans.

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