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Geology is probably the least glamorous and appreciated of the five basic sciences, which is a shame because rocks are really cool, and learning where they came from is endlessly fascinating.
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Guide to Geology and Earth Sciences

Mount St. Helens (by USGS)Geology is the scientific study of the Earth - its rocks, its mineral and water resources, its past and present. Geology includes earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. It includes dinosaur bones and other fossils within the field of paleontology. It includes the theory of plate tectonics: the rise and fall of mountains, the openings and closings of seas, and the movement of continents down through the ages since the Earth was formed.

Learn more about all aspects of geology in the articles below - what we've learned about the Earth, how we study it, why it's important, and the main career fields that use it such as oil exploration.

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