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As a chemist and a person concerned when Man tinkers with Nature, I have developed a deep interest in the discussion of genetic modification, especially when it touches upon the food supply.
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Guide to Genetically Modified Food – Research, Health, & Safety

The Human Genome Project explains genetic modification involves the combining of genes from different organisms (termed recombinant DNA technology) meant to improve upon the existing properties of “medicines and vaccines, foods and food ingredients, feeds, and fibers.” Modifications include efforts to improve survival in harsh environments, whether during growth or during shipping, and inbreeding resistance to insects, weeds, and viruses. In some instances, such as in the staple crop of billions—rice—modification may be made to improve nutrition. Still, there are many concerns, concerning health risks, antibiotic resistance—even the development of “superweeds.” Some believe government agencies are not showing due concern to the consumer. To learn more on these issues, consider informative articles written by your Bright Hub contributors.

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