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I loved my game cube! Sure, it wasn't as visual as the Xbox or the Playstation 2, but none of those had four player accessories. Fun is being able to defeat your friends on Mario Kart.
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Guide to Gamecube Games

Released in 2001, the Nintendo GameCube was the video game company's fourth console and was a part of the six generation of consoles. Updated versions of gaming favorites came to the new console, including the two player co-op ability in Mario Kart DoubleNintendo GameCubeDash, the intuitiveness of the zombies in Resident Evil 4, and the always popular Legend of Zelda.

This is a guide to the GameCube games brought to you by the writers, editors, and contributors of Bright Hub, bringing you helpful insights, information, and articles on the games that were produced and marketed for Nintendo's fourth video game console.