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There is one food craving I never deny myself—dark chocolate. One square of the rich, melt-in-your-mouth morsel is all the desert I need daily and stands as a reminder and a signal to my brain and stomach that dinner is finished. I am excited about being your guide for this fascinating diet subject.
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Diet: Food Cravings Myths and Realities

bewarefortunecookieSweet, salty, bitter. Mouth feel: fatty, crisp, crunchy. Acid-based, balanced flavors. What makes people obsess over and desire a certain food product or junk food? How are food cravings related to food processing? What can we do to rid ourselves of a bad-for-you food craving? What does it all mean for a healthy diet? We will explore the world of tastes and why our bodies crave certain types of food. Visit often, as I guide you through the mysteries of what our bodies need and how to mitigate or encourage food cravings for the best health possible.