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As a Football Manager addict I've spent countless hours constructing teams, tinkering with tactics and striving to bring the trophies in.
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Guide to FM 2010

FM 2010 Tactics ScreenFootball Manager 2010 is a rich and satisfying football management sim. It is the perfect game for armchair managers with an obsession for football. FM 2010 will challenge you to choose a team and guide them to glory. Whether you want to take on the pressure of a giant club, with all the expectations that entails, or you would prefer to cut your teeth in the lower leagues and battle for promotion, the choice is yours. The depth of options in FM 2010 is astounding and you can sign players and staff, set formations and tactics, train your team up, and shout from the touchline during matches. Whether you are a beginner or an old pro you’ll find loads of useful information in our FM 2010 guides.