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Games are a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon during your down time. One of the most popular of the game genre is the first person shooter style games. I've played with and watched as my grandsons take out the enemy during a few of their first person shooter, action packed games.
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Guide to First-Person Shooter Games

750px-OpenArena-HoppingCorpseFirst person shooter games are one of the most popular of all genres of PC and console games. In the midst of battle to gain access to a tower or big game hunting or even in the middle of a war in Iraq, the first person shooter games allow the fast action to completely take you over. The majority are filled with great graphics which get you completely into the story line as you blast away at your enemy. The expertly written articles at Bright Hub can line you up with some of the best first person shooter games available on the market today. Articles that are researched thoroughly and written with explicit instructions for walk throughs, reviews of games and more lead you in the right direction of games you have read about but not sure if they are what you want, giving you assistance when you are stuck on a level and that will describe the history of the games you love so much.