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My daughter bought the Final Fantasy game a few years ago and I was immediately hooked. We worked our way through the first one and had to run out to get the others. Great game, lots of fun and Cloud rules!
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Final Fantasy CasesFinal Fantasy was a Japanese release that finally made its way to the US but not quick enough! The game is a blast and it immediately had a following of fans to enjoy the adventures of Cloud, Tifa and Aerith, to name a few. The experts at Bright Hub help the gamer out by creating expert walk-thru's, tips, cheats and advice, along with the news of any new releases or happenings. Follow the adventures of this classic through the articles on Bright Hub. Learn how to defeat those hard to beat places or boss fights and learn the next step to take in the game. If you're a Final Fantasy fanatic, Bright Hub is the place you ought to be!

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