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I've been meaning to play the Fallout series since the release of the latest version. I've heard the second game is probably the best in the series, so I'm hoping to get that at some point.
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Guide to Fallout 2

Surviving in an post apocalypse world has never been so much fun than that which is offered within the Fallout series. Fallout 2 took theFallout 2 for PCs concept of the original game, but didn't go about making major changes that most sequel games do; in fact, that was one of the things that was praised when it was originally released in 1998.

In this guide to Fallout 2, we'll take a look at what made this game - and the series - so popular with gamers. We'll look at gameplay, storyline, characters in the game, locations, and what a player can expect while on the hunt for the GECK.