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Definitive Guide to Fairy Tales

Have you ever wished you could wave a magic wand and banish all your troubles? While there are no magic wands or instant solutions to problems, the next best thing just might be reading a fairy tale to your favorite child, or even by yourself.

586px-Page 99 illustration in More English Fairy TalesMore English Fairy Tales/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Do you know who first coined the term “fairy tale?” If not, this definitive guide to fairy tales is just for you. You’ll find the answer to that question and others in the wealth of articles by our Bright Hub expert writers. Browse through our extensive library for information on Hans Christian Andersen or the brothers Grimm. Need a quick classroom activity for Hansel and Gretel or Beauty and the Beast? We’re your go-to source. Whether you are looking for tips, ideas, lesson plans, book reviews, or that elusive magic wand, this guide is designed to be your number one source for all things related to the world of fairies, magic, and dreams come true.

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