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Welcome to the Extinct Species Guide. I chose this guide because of my interest and passion for the various species that once roamed the earth. I hope you will find this guide to be informative and enlightening.
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Extinct Passenger PigeonThe mention of extinct species often brings to mind prehistoric creatures such as the dinosaurs but many species such as the Bali Tiger and North African Elephant have become extinct in recent times. Species often become extinct when environmental changes occur and the species cannot adapt in order to survive. If environmental changes occur slowly over time, species may be more likely to evolve and develop survival adaptations but when those changes occur rapidly, some species may succumb to extinction.

Throughout the ages many plant species have come and gone as well as animal species. There are many activities such as poaching and deforestation that are factors in the extinction of species. Many species such as the Dodo bird, passenger pigeon, baiji dolphin, caspian tiger and others no longer exist; other species are endangered and stand on the brink of extinction.

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