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As a Ford dealer, Jean Scheid is constantly on top of everything new including the Ford Escape, the hybrid model and the all new Ford Sync and the Ford MyTouch interior systems that will make your GPS and Infotainment world the experience you want and need.
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Guide to Ford Escape

2011 Ford Escape HybridIf you’re a lover of the Ford Escape and want to know about the new models, including the hybrid, you’ve come to the right place! Ford Motor Company has not only achieved top awards for the all new Ford Escape but the hybrid model falls on the top 5 most fuel efficient cars on the market today. You’ll also learn what a hybrid car really is and how they work along with how to negotiate the best price at the dealership on your new Escape. This guide even offers advice on other alternative fuel rides and how they are indeed saving the planet—one car at a time!

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