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I am an English teacher and have been one for 19 years. I currently work with pre-service teachers and am passionate about teaching language arts and English to students grades 6-12.
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Ask a Seasoned English Teacher a Question.Teaching English or Language Arts: Are you thinking of becoming an English teacher or a language arts teacher? Or, do you happen to currently be one and need a little help? This Guide for English Teachers can help you find information about teaching, tips to become a better teacher, or advice on great language arts strategies that abound on the Bright Huub website. You can sort lessons and articles by topic, popularity or publication date.

In addition, the writers give tips, information and advice to English teachers who need a little help. If you have questions that you would like to ask the many seasoned teachers who write for the site, you can. Most writers will respond to questions posed on the comment section of an article.


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