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I love American football. I also love English literature. I love reading English literature while watching American football. When I created this guide, I clarified all the things about English literature I may have missed while celebrating a touchdown.
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Perhaps the English had nothing else to do because of bad weather? Perhaps they figured they couldn't rival French cooking, Italian wines or American republicanism? Perhaps speaking with an English accent makes you a better writer? Whatever the case, England has produced the world's greatest literature and Brighthub has it covered. Whether you're looking for Shakespearean quotes, an analysis of Lord of the Flies, a look at allusions in Frankenstein, or a comprehensive guide to the Romantic poets, Brighthub has what you need.

This guide to English literature is suited toward two distinct (and sometimes adversarial) audiences: (1) teachers - looking for lesson plans? We've got them; (2) students - looking for a poetry analysis or a summary of that not-as-interesting-as-your-teacher-promised novel? We've got them too.

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