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Encryption has been around for centuries. Julius Ceasar used it. Queen Elizabeth discovered a plot against her, and the Germans in World War II had the Enigma machine. Now it is used in business to make Internet transactions secure, and to verify a user as being who he says he is.
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Guide to Encryption & Cyphertext

When changing the appearance of text into a scrambled, unreadable format, one uses cryptography. These are ancient schemes that can change letters using keys. Encryption, on the other hand, refers to mathematical algorithmic schemes that change the plain text into an unreadable form. This form is cyphertext. It can provide security and/or privacy. At the receiving end, the encrypted text is decrypted with a "key". This returns it to its original text form. The operation succeeds because the key is the triggering mechanism with the algorithm. Encryption is used by businesses, governments, and private individuals. The Bright Hub guide to encryption will give users information through articles about the science of encryption.



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