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Genevieve enjoys sweets just as much as the next person, but since she has reached a “certain interesting age,” she knows what some of those foods can do to her health, not to mention her waistline. She enjoys passing on what she has learned to others.
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Get the Skinny on Empty Calories

Luscious Chocolates FDP Credit Suat Eman“Empty calories”--calories that add no nutritive value beyond sugar and fat. What, in your diet, can be considered empty calories?

Fats that solidify at room temperature--beef fat, shortening or butter. Some of these fats are added to foods during the manufacturing process, such as hydrogenated fats being added to cookies and others are naturally present in butter and red meat. Hot dogs, sausages, bacon and ribs all have solid fat naturally present. Cheese and pizza both have solid fat.

The added sugars and syrups are those added when foods are prepared or processed in cakes, donuts and cookies you buy at the bakery in your favorite supermarket.

Sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks and fruit drinks have sugars added to them to enhance their taste. Ice cream gives a double whammy with added fat and sugar. To learn more about empty calories, read our Bright Hub guides.

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