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My 10th grade English teacher loved Emily Dickinson. I didn't. I dreaded the long walk to English class, knowing I'd have to read poems that made little sense. I have since gained an appreciation for Dickinson's poetry, yet retain sympathy for young scholars who struggle with it. Enjoy.
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Dickinson's poems were meant to be read only by the poet. Her box of 1700 poems were discovered by her sister after Emily's death and were published with the help of a friend in 1893.

By her late twenties, shyness and discomfort in social situations made Emily Dickinson a complete recluse. She spent most of her time at home, rarely, if ever, allowing visitors outside of her immediate family. Despite this seclusion, Dickinson's poetry displays keen insight on death, immortality, love, and nature. Students of poetry will enjoy Dickinson's unique power of description and deft use of figurative language.

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