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I still remember the days when people had a hard time setting up their VCR. Things have changed since then! Electronics are such a huge part of all of our lives - from our alarm clocks to the iPod we take on the road with us. I love electronic equipment! Couldn't live without it!
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Radio Electronics Cover August 1949I absolutely love everything electronic. What a world we live in when we can find our way to a new place of discovery through a little device known as a GPS. We can even locate our dog through GPS collars. Phones that double as cameras, and instead of the tape-driven VCR, we now have the DVR to catch those favorite shows that are on too late. While taping the movie, "To Catch a Thief", you can actually catch a thief with the theft recovery ability in a GPS tracker. Amazing electronic equipment like this and more can be learned about right here on Bright Hub. The experts at Bright Hub give us the information we need to learn how to set our DVR. No more blinking lights! Electrify your life with instructions, reviews of new electronics, advice and more on Bright Hub.

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