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Electronic communication, consisting of e-mail, Facebook, bulletin boards, Twitter, newsgroups, and other social networking programs, comprises a relatively new form of communication. It differs from other forms of communication common to the workplace because the information can be quick, and personal. This ease of use comes with a host of concerns.

There is a factor of permanence to electronic communications since you can easily save the files and re-transmit them. Because of this, these types of stored files can become accessible to others, even people that the communications were not intended for. This ease of access and transmission, raises a security and privacy element, especially when there may not be much security in place during transmission of the information. Finally, there is the factor of sender authenticity, as anyone can pretend to be someone else, so the communication you receive can be false.

This Bright Hub guide to electronic communications addresses the issues and concerns of this new communication style, and looks at its advantages and its pitfalls.

Electronic Communication


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