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One of the more difficult regions, I felt, while playing the original WoW. It is an easy place to grind, though for Alliance players it can be treacherous.
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Eastern Plaguelands Guide: Articles, Info & Tips

Players of one of the best selling MMOs in history have their share of tales of the different regions that make up the world of Azeroth inA Guide to the Eastern Plaguelands World of Warcraft. Alliance and Horde players both will find themselves traipsing through the former glory of what was known as Lordaeron, now divided into that of the Eastern and Western Plaguelands. The Eastern Plaguelands is infamous for its instance of Stratholme and the original raid instance of Naxxramas.

Find essential articles, tips, and information on traveling through the Eastern Plaguelands, noteworthy quests, and instances to prepare for.