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I have always been impressed with nature's power over that of man, and would like to understand the root causes. Indeed, I have a partial theory of my own.
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Guide to Seismic Events or Earthquakes

A sudden release of force within earth’s crust produces seismic waves. All such events, whether natural occurring or man-made, are termed earthquakes. Earthquakes were once evaluated according to a scale developed by Charles Richter in 1935, but are now recorded using a “moment magnitude” parameter. The amplitude of the waves is recorded by a device called a seismometer. Other things equal, as the magnitude of an event increases, and its depth decreases, an earthquake can inflict greater damage. Learn more about earthquakes and their cause—also about the efforts of design professionals to deal with them, through articles penned by Bright Hub contributors.

Seismometer at Lick Observatory - courtesy Oleg AlexandroxSeismometer at Lick Observatory

Photo courtesy Oleg Alexandrov - Wikimedia Commons

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