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Of all the historical periods encountered in my years of study, the early 20th century was the most dynamic. The cultural changes and advances in technology did much to create the society we live in today.
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The Early 20th Century And How It Got Us Where We Are

The Age of Big Guns, Bigger BuildingsA hundred years ago, most people still got about on horseback and went about their nocturnal affairs my candlelight. Chances are, you would have been ruled over by a King or kaiser or Empress if you weren't lucky enough to live in America. In the first 50 years of the 20th century, societies on every corner on earth experienced wrenching political, cultural, and economic changes. The political map of the world as we know it was essentially set by the end of this period. Here we shall explore the wars, the culture, art, and technology that came out of this often tragic era, the consequences stemming from which we continue to endure today.

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