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Learn About Dynasty Warriors at Bright Hub

Dynasty WarriorsWhether you’re looking for guided walkthroughs for character classes, weapons and stages or trying to find reviews and previews for favorite Dynasty Warrior games or the latest outing from Tecmo Koei, you can find everything you’re looking for here at Bright Hub. Find the latest cheats for Dynasty Warriors 6 or learn about all the weapons in Dynasty Warriors Online. This long running hack-and-slash series, which is based on the novel the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, has many spinoffs and sequels that are available on a number of game consoles spanning the PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and even PC, and crosses over with other popular licensed franchises such as Namco Bandai’s Gundam and Capcom’s Samurai Warriors.

This guide to Dynasty Warriors offers up all the resources and information you could possibly need for this popular franchise from Tecmo Koei.