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As someone who is using both a VGA and DVI monitor set up, it's fairly clear that DVI is the way to go, as most modern video cards will have either connections for one DVI or two. I also think that most monitors will come with an adapter.
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As technology continues to grow, so does the hardware we use to get all that information. One of the big changes is that of our visualGuide to DVI Cable: Info, Tips, Articles, and Advice displays. Graphics cards and monitors have changed in order to bring us the best in video games and movie/video watching. DVI is one of those technologies that helps make our displays better. But what is DVI? And why is it better than VGA? And where does HDMI come in?

Here, we'll give you all the information that you need to learn more about DVI connections, DVI cables, why it's better than VGA, and what you need for both your computer and TV.

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