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Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a communication technology that utilizes copper lines, like those used by the public telephone system. DSL allows the sending of multiple streams of information on the same wire at the same time without interference. It is possible to send voice, data, video, and audio communication through the same wire. Without this technology, many of the advanced features of the Internet would not be possible. Downloading video streams like TV shows or movies would not be possible if you used only one signal band. DSL changes that.

Comparison of DSL and Dial-up connections

DSL also comes in a variety of flavors. ADSL, or asymmetric DSL involves having a faster download speed than upload. This is handy for homes and small businesses. Corporations would use HDSL (High) within their organization. They would benefit from the high-transmission rates possible.

This Bright Hub Guide to DSL covers these and other aspects of this technology to provide a full picture of all its capabilities.

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