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I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my DS when I had one, though I did hope to get a DS Lite at some point. I had thought the gameplay would be drastically different and harder than a regular handheld, but I found - at least for my games - that it was actually very easy.
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Guide to DS Lite

Released in 2006 as the upgraded version of the popular Nintendo DS, the DS Lite was much slimmer to that of its bigger brother. ThisGuide to DS Lite slimmer design actually made it possible for even easier mobility for users. An extremely popular device, the Lite managed to sell in many countries, especially Japan, where stores would stock the Lite and be sold out in minutes.

Here, we'll take a look at the DS Lite - its technical specs, its design, and of course the games. We'll also take a comparison look at the the other devices within the DS line, including the acclaimed new Nintendo 3DS.