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I've honestly never heard of DreamCatcher Interactive or the majority of their games before, though when I researched I did see that the are the developers of Yoga Wii, which I had heard of, but had yet to play. I always find it interesting to find new games that look intriguing to play.
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Guide to DreamCatcher Interactive

DreamCatcher Interactive may not ring any bells for most gamers, but for some, they are the creators of some very popular fan favorites,Guide to DreamCatcher Interactive such as their Painkiller series of games. Originally founded in 1996, their main base of games is of the role playing kind, but they've also developed simulation games, such as the Super Power series and Rock Manager.

In this guide, we'll look at the history of DreamCatcher Interactive, their game titles, collaborations and buyouts from other gaming publishers, as well as any new games that may come from their doors in the future.