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I've been a fan of Donkey Kong since the original DK, where some little guy in red had to save a princess. LOL! DK has always been a fun game to play and the new DK is pretty fun as well.
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Back in 1981, a video game was released where a small guy in a red suit had to rescue his lady love from a large, angry, ape. This videoGuide to Understanding Donkey Kong at Bright Hub game, entitled Donkey Kong, introducing three central characters that would launch Nintendo into a national producer of consoles and games. The title character of Donkey Kong has gone on to spawn his own series, from Donkey Kong Country to the new Donkey Kong Country Returns.

In this guide, we'll look at this unlikely anti-hero, from his debut in his first video game to his numerous friends in his own series. We'll look at articles, information, tips, and tricks on helping both DK and Diddy in getting back their bananas.

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