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Genevieve has gained and lost weight herself; she is now working to keep her weight stable now that she has a sedentary freelancing position and is over a “certain age.” She tries to practice healthy dietary habits.
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To Lose Weight, You Need to . . . Don’t Diet This Way!

Eat Those Vegetables! FDP Credit Piyachok ThawommatLet’s talk about healthy dieting first. To lose weight, you have to expend more calories than you take in. Of the calories you do take in, these have to be primarily healthy. These include lean proteins, low-fat dairy, vegetables, fruits and whole-grain foods.

Moderation is the key. While you can eat some foods from each category in the USDA Food Pyramid, you need to exercise discipline, not eating as much as you want. You can have limited amounts of sweets and fatty foods, but make sure these amounts are limited. You’ll defeat your intentions if you try to go cold-turkey on cake, pies, sodas or cookies.

If a diet you are interested in promises fast results, touting extreme weight loss, run, do not walk away from these promoters. These diets are potentially dangerous. To learn more about healthy dieting, read our Bright Hub guides.

Image: Eat Those Vegetables! FDP Credit Piyachok Thawommat;