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Genevieve Van Wyden takes an interest in dietary and nutritional issues. A very close friend suffers from type 2 diabetes and drinks one to two diet sodas during the day while he is working. She tries to suggest that he drink more ice water or sugarless tea instead.
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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Diet Soda

Glass of Soda FDP Credit RawichDiet soda has its advantages and disadvantages for those who enjoy drinking a soda while holding their caloric and sugar intake down. For diabetics, this beverage means they can enjoy a refreshing drink without spiking their blood sugar levels; those dieting can pop the top on an icy-cold can of the drink, knowing the calories are very low to non-existent.

On the plus side, one or two cans of diet soda a day aren’t going to cause any negative health effects, nor does it increase your risk of developing cancer.

On the minus side, if you drink more than two a day, you’re more likely to increase your risk of developing diabetes or of becoming overweight or obese.

Restrict your intake of this sugar-free, low-calorie beverage and choose water, skim milk, sugarless tea or 100 percent fruit juice. For more information on diet soda, please read our Bright Hub articles.

Glass of Soda FDP Credit Rawich: