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I have been a father for well over one year now. Aside from the endless hours of joy that a newborn can bring to any household, the continuous burden of diapers will always pop its head into your monthly financial budget. I'm sure many fathers, like myself, could benefit from a Guide to Diapers.
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babyplayingwithfeetDiapers are the toilet paper of babies. Unfortunately, diapers are an inescapable reality and expense for mothers and fathers worldwide. Which diapers are the best for your baby though? What do you need to know regarding style, size and price? If you ever doubted your knowledge on the range of various diapers out there or the practical skills needed in caring for your infant, stress no more. In this guide we uncover a few of the many myths, basic information and tips that will assist the parent, babysitter or caregiver in making informed decisions. From best value purchases to cloth diaper basics, these Brighthub articles capture it all.

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