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Desktop publishers give you the tools and features you need to create custom, professional-looking publications, from newsletters to greeting cards to brochures. This guide will direct you to articles that will teach you how to start working with a desktop publishing program from the ground up or take your already advanced DTP skills to the next level. Read tutorials for creating specific types of publications, complete with detailed screen shots. Download free templates that you can modify and personalize for your own use. Find reviews and comparisons for various desktop publishers so that you can determine what program is the best one for you and more.


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Excessive underlining, white rivers and spelling errors galore – is this the new face of desktop publishing? Mistakes of this kind detract from the message and give the profession...

Hiring a Desktop Publisher

Are you completely satisfied with the publishing standards of your marketing and advertising campaigns? If not, you should consider hiring a desktop publisher for your design needs...

Can I Really Learn Desktop Publishing?

It is often true that prospective clients and organizations fail to understand the multifaceted demands on desktop publishing services. And this has made understanding the demanding...

How to Deal With Low Resolution Graphics and Photos

It is every desktop publisher's nightmare; a CD full of low resolution graphics from a client, with instructions to blow them up for a printed piece....

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    En Dash vs. Em Dash: When to Use Each

    The en dash and em dash are little bits of punctuation that look sort of like a hyphen. In fact, you've probably used a hyphen in places where an en or em dash should go. Feel guilty yet? Don't...

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    This resource guide to finding free online templates chronicles my ongoing series on small business desktop publishing projects and the templates you can use to create them. Whether you need to create...

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    Best Computers for Desktop Publishing

    Looking for the best computers for desktop publishing? This list features several of the best choices for desktop computers, and lists several things to look for when choosing a computer. For the most...

    Postmodernism Characteristics in Design

    The rejection of conformity, truth is a lie, and your authority is a lie. The characteristics of postmodernism is the opposite of what you think is true and in the terms of graphic design and desktop publishing...

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Careers in Desktop Publishing: Web Developer Jobs

Now that desktop publishing tools handle web content along with other media, DTP professionals can find jobs in the online arena....

The Desktop Publisher’s Guide to Using Transparency Effectively

Using transparency in your projects can be a great way to add multiple dimensions to your project. But transparency can also create a muddled look if you are new to using this tool...