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The desktop PC (personal computer) has gone through many innovations and changes since it was first released as a consumer product in the early 1970's. The amazing thing about the evolution of the PC is the concept that anyone, except scientists or engineers, would eventually want one. At first it was not an entertainment vehicle, like the modern gaming computers. It had no network connectivity, it was hard to work with, and it did very little of the things that people actually wanted. Nevertheless, it sold and it created a new industry. The world economy has not been the same since. The desktop PC affects all industries.


Now there are PCs that are used in networking, science, business, gaming, and hundreds of other activities. The PC has come from a clumsy and heavy item with limited use, to one where it is as prolific as the automobile.

This Bright Hub Guide to the Desktop PC presents solid articles on what a personal computer is, how it works, what programs it runs, and how to get the most out of the one you have, plus multiple reviews and buyers guides to purchasing a new computer to suit your needs.

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